PayPal currently has a Signup Bonus Offer of $10 when you sign up for a PayPal Account and spend or send $5 to your friend or family. It the best time to join PayPal if you dont have an account yet. When you Join with below link, The promo code will give you a $10 bonus when you complete the signup process.

Is PayPal giving free $10 Signup bonus in 2023?

According to PayPal’s Website the Signup Bonus of $10 is still available this year 2023. Although, this can change any time without notice.

How to get $10 free Signup Bonus from PayPal?

To qualify for the PayPal Signup Bonus, Eligible Participants must click through the offer link associated with this Offer and claim the Reward.

  • Complete the PayPal sign up process;
  • Link your bank, credit card or debit card to their PayPal account;
  • Verify your cell number linked to their PayPal account
  • Complete an Eligible Transaction (defined below).
    • An online PayPal checkout payment of $5.00 USD or more
    • A person-to-person payment of $5.00 USD or more using the “Send Money” feature within PayPal.

Millions of users worldwide trust PayPal every day

When will I get the PayPal Sign Up Bonus ?

$10 Sign Up Bonus should post to your account within approximately twenty four (24) hours, but may take up to two weeks.

Get $10 with Cash App Sign Up

Currently, the PayPal referral bonus is very limited. That means there are no working referral codes or links on the internet. For now, we highly recommend using Cash App as a much better alternative than PayPal and it does everything PayPal does and more.