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DealShare US is an active deal-sharing community.We share curated online deals,coupons,discounts,offers,promo codes, freebies & referrals with our members.

About DealShareUS (DSU)

DealShare US is an active deal-sharing community. Which shares curated online deals, discounts, offers, promo codes, freebies & referrals with the members. We try to share authentic deals and discounts with our community. without flooding it with cheap and non-relevant deals which doesn’t provide real values.

Updates to DealShareUS Functionalities

Version 1.0 (Release Date July 1,2021)

  • [Discontinued] Register Or  Login with Google. 
  • Post a Deal : You can submit a deal to DealShareUS and once approved it will show up on deals page with your name.
  • [Discontinued] Save Deals : you can save deals you like for future reference.
  • [Discontinued] Save Stores: Save your Favorite stores. 
  • [Discontinued] Share with Social Media : Share the deals with your friends and family.

Version 2.0 (Release Oct 2,2021) 

  • Referral Offers Page: Find All Referral Links & Offers Posted by community members to Sign up for any new App, Credit Card, or Service you are looking for.
  • Post Referral: Now you can submit your own referral links for members to use and earn bonuses from the referrals (You can also share the bonus with the users).
  • [Discontinued] My Account page: redesigned account page where you can save the deals/referrals for future reference & also track referral links you posted on the platform.
  • FAQ Page: you can check the FAQ page to find help with any feature.

Version 2.1( Release May 27,2022)

  • GET DEAL buttons removed from Deals List.
  • [Discontinued] Pop Up Page will only open from the Main Deal page instead of opening on every deal with Get Deal button.
  • Removed share icons.
  • Minor style and design changes.

Version 2.2 (Release June 2023)

  • Deals List now shows Store name with eg.@ Walmart
  • New Eye symbol  to track how many members have visited the deal/referral.
  • Posted by Tag on the deal page to show the Original Poster of the deal/referral.
  • Referral & Bonus Shared Badges for referrals: If you are going to share the bonus then the Bonus shared badge will show up on the deal.
  • [Discontinued] Profile page shows your username which will be used on posted by tags

Version 3.0 (Released January 2024) [Current

  • Removed Account Login functionality for everyone to Post deals and referrals
  • Added More Deals from Store on the Deal page to show more deals from the same store
  • Updated voting system will show current success rate for the deal
  • Updated Get Deal Button for Mobile and Desktop
  • Added Author Info Box to the deal page.