Get a Pint of Nightfood Ice Cream Free with an instant rebate, with 9 amazing sleep-friendly flavors. Nightfood is a must-try ice cream with this Free Offer.

Nightfood was developed by leading sleep and nutrition experts with better sleep in mind. they try to keep sleep disruptive ingredients out and added ingredients that are understood to support relaxation and better sleep quality.

Nightfood was awarded a Dairy Innovation winner in 2019

You can buy any of the 9 flavors and get an instant rebate via Paypal, Venmo by uploading the receipt.

This is a must-try ice cream brand that we recommend insist on!

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  1. Buy one or more pints of Nightfood ice cream from a local retailer (ONLINE ORDERS DO NOT QUALIFY)
  2. Upload your receipt within 14 days of purchase
  3. Receive INSTANT PayPal Cash, Venmo, or Amazon Gift Card equal to the price of your first pint.


First-time customers only. Limit ONE rebate per household. We know there are some people who don’t have PayPal or Venmo or don’t buy stuff from Amazon. We apologize in advance if that’s you! Everybody else can participate in this offer