Instacart has converted their Premium plan Instacart Express to Instacart+. Instacart has great offer for chase card holders, You can get Instacart+ Membership with your chase credit card for free.

Starting June 15, Chase credit cardholders can receive a 1 time free Instacart+ membership for 3, 6, or 12 months. The length of the Instacart+ membership varies depending on the specific Chase credit card the customer holds.

Offer must be redeemed by July 31, 2024.

Eligible Chase credit cards for Instacart+ Membership Free Trial

The following are eligible Chase credit cards, for this offer and the length of the free Instacart+ membership you will get.

NOTE: Chase credit cards added via Apple Pay or PayPal aren’t eligible for this promotion. 

Eligible Chase credit cardLength of Instacart+ membership
J.P. Morgan Reserve12 months
Sapphire Reserve12 months
Sapphire Preferred6 months
Sapphire6 months
Freedom3 months
Freedom Unlimited3 months
Freedom Flex3 months
Freedom Student3 months
Slate3 months
Slate Edge3 months
Free Instacart+ Trial Offer for Chase Card Holders

If you have multiple eligible Chase credit cards, each card is eligible for the promotion. However, you can’t redeem this offer on multiple cards at the same time. 

Deal Steps:

Follow below steps for getting the Instacart+ membership

  • Login or Signup at ( You will get $10 Credit for Signing up )
  • Once logged in, click the following offer link.
  • Select your eligible Chase credit card on file or input your Chase credit card information.
  • Once you fill out the required information or have selected your eligible Chase credit card on file, select Activate membership to begin your Instacart+ membership trial.

I am already Instacart+ member, am i eligible for this promotion?

Eligible customers can redeem the free Instacart+ membership even if they had an Instacart+ membership previously.

If you currently have a paid or trial Instacart+ membership, your existing membership will be paused for the duration of this benefit and resume upon expiration. Your existing membership will automatically renew based on the Instacart+ Terms previously agreed upon unless you cancel. 

How to cancel auto renew on Instacart+ Membership?

After the free Trial, you will be charged $99/year for your Instacart+ Membership. To cancel Auto-Renew, Go to Menu -> Instacart+. Then go down to Cancel Membership. Follow prompts to cancel membership.

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