Checkmate App is offering $5 for Signing up and verifying your number with them. Also, You can redeem it instantly for a $5 Gift card (We recommend a $5 Walmart gift card). You can also earn $5 instantly when you send your referral links to your friends. This is a $5 Free Gift Card without any purchase.

What is the Checkmate App?

You get 1000s of Promo emails from all the brands you shop for. Online stores send thousands of promotional emails that go unread. Checkmate collects these deals so you don’t have to – and then use some secret sauce to collect thousands more for you in a way that does not get you spammed.

Checkmate is the first tool that generates these deals for you using some secret sauce (more below) and then automatically applies the personal deals that you are being sent to you directly. No one has built that before and early users are finding crazy savings.

Checkmate is a personalized tool that helps smart shoppers get more savings and enjoyment out of online shopping. From finding the best discount codes and automatically applying them at checkout to tracking packages to storing gift cards to saving items in a wish list, Checkmate streamlines the entire shopping experience.

How does Checkmate App Work?

Checkmate shopping app
Checkmate Dashboard

Checkmate is a brand new concept. If you’ve shopped online in the last year, you’ll have noticed some trends:

  • Merchants sends you a personal code offering you $50 to come back and make a new sale if you haven’t shopped there in a while.
  • Merchants reach out with a quick automated discount if you abandon cart at checkout.
  • Merchants routinely offer 15%-20% off a next purchase just to join their mailing list so they can reach out and personally incentivize you more.
  • Merchants send you a deal on your birthday as an excuse to contact you and bring you back into the ecosystem.
  • Your credit card company offers you 15% back on all sorts of seemingly random stores based on your previous sales.

These personalized deals are targeted at you. And you should have access to all of them at the time of checkout. Merchants send thousands and thousands of deals like this per day.

Checkmate searches your inbox and the web for those hidden codes and automatically applies them as you shop.

Track your packages with Checkmate App

Stay up to date with your deliveries. Checkmate automatically tracks your packages in a single place so you never have to search for a tracking code.

Store your Gift Cards in Checkmate App wallet

Never forget to use your gift cards again. Store cards in your Checkmate Wallet and it will remind you to use them! Your Checkmate Wallet allows you to store both physical and digital gift cards. If you have the Checkmate Chrome extension.

Ghost Inbox for You!

Ghost inbox from checkmate
Ghost inbox from checkmate

Checkmate App securely generates an email address on the back-end and signs it up automatically to a variety of mailing lists.Then, It collects the welcome codes and offers it gets sent and apply them for you via the Checkmate extension without your own inbox being spammed with emails. This inbox operates entirely behind the scenes so you never need to access it, It will pull all the deals directly into your Checkmate account.

How is Checkmate Compared to Other Cashback tools like Honey?

On these 16 major stores in September 2022, Checkmate achieved 27.4% savings on averages compared with Honey’s savings of 16.3%.

Savings Study Results

 Checkmate comparison with honey
Checkmate comparison with other shopping tools

How to Use Checkmate for shopping?

Never forget an item again! Save it for later with Checkmates Browser Extension. Your curated saved lists sync seamlessly across all your devices.

Where does Checkmate App Work?

Currently, Checkmate is only supported in the United States of America and Australia. They plan to expand to other regions soon.

Does Checkmate App work on Android?

Checkmate is available on your desktop browser (Chrome) and on iPhones & tablets on Safari. It doesn’t have an android App right now. You will need to install the Checkmate App via the Apple App Store and enable Checkmate on your mobile Safari Browser App.

Where can i redeem Checkmate Cash?

You can redeem it instantly on 100s of brands available at checkmate cash rewards. Brands including Walmart,Target,Ulta Beauty,Sephora.