Chase is offering 10% more points value when you redeem your ultimate chase rewards points for any dining or takeout purchase from the last 90 days


Dining10% more points value

Redeem up to $250 (22,727 pts)

Valid through 09/30/21

Directions :

  • Visit chase ultimate rewards dashboard
  • Select any qualifying dining transactions from last 90 days
  • You will redeem 10% less points on the pay back

For example

Starbucks purchase of 10$: With Pay yourself back it will be 900 Points.

Normally chase doesn’t allow us to use pay your self back with our purchases. the closet we have seen so far , charity purchases or your Lyft ride to get vaccinated (25% more points value)

Until now the only better way to use your chase rewards points was getting gift cards that were on sale from chase(10% sale). We think this is an equal deal of getting 10% off when buying a gift card with your chase ultimate rewards points.

You can also apply for their newest Chase Freedom Flex master card with 5% off groceries for the 1st year with 0% APR for 15 months and no annual fees.

Apply for the Chase freedom Flex card from this link and we will share the bonus rewards with you.

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