We know this is going to sound like one of those “Best money-saving tips” articles that are everywhere. There are tons of receipt scanning apps available in the marketplace. Firstly, all of the apps we are going to recommend are tried and tested by our community members. We won’t include any traps that take forever to cash out and are not worthy of your time

What are receipt scanning apps?

The concept of receipts scanning apps has been here forever. Simply put, any app where you can scan any kind of receipts and in return you get back any kind of cashback or rewards qualifies in this category. The only catch in many of these apps is that they take a long time to give out the rewards.

There are a lot of other apps which give you cash back when you use them before you shop. (like Drop, Dosh). Then there are cashback sites where you get a percentage cashback offers for shopping through them. (like Rakuten, Befrugal, CouponCabin, Topcashback)

But we will stick to the apps which give you rewards after you have already shopped (in-store or online)

What do we need to do to get maximum cashback from receipt scanning apps?

You might already have an app that is working for you right now. but to maximize those returns you can just replicate that effort into multiple apps with the same receipt and earn 4x or 5x rewards. Using these apps together makes them a money multiplier trick.

What are the best receipts scanning apps in 2023?

Here is the List we think which “just works” and all the details you need for them to work in your favor. We will be providing information (and screenshots for proof of payout), and ways and limits of payout wherever possible.


Ibotta is an app that gives you real cashback on every purchase, online or in-store. Earn cashback every time you shop for essentials, groceries, and more.

ibotta rewards page
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Supports: Instore receipts, e-receipts, and cashback for shopping through the app
  • Conditions: Items must be on their store offer list to get cashback.
  • Min. Cashout: ibotta lets you cash out once you reach $20 in your wallet.
  • Modes of Payout: Gift cards, Checking account, Paypal
  • Extra: Bonus offers every month.

💡 Members Tips: It takes longer to earn if you are just buying more staple items and regular brands which is not on their list.


CoinOut works in a simple way. Upload any receipt in the app and earn cashback. You don’t have to find specific deals or take time to see if a certain retailer is on the program. Just snap and earn.

coinout app rewards
  • Difficulty: Easiest of them all as it pays on any physical receipt.
  • Supports: Instore receipts, e-receipts
  • Conditions: No conditions, Just valid receipts.
  • Min. Cashout: CoinOut lets you cash out with no minimum amount.
  • Modes of Payout: No minimum for Bank and Amazon Giftcard, $20 for Paypal.
  • Extra: there are some bonus offers & connecting email and amazon account.

💡 Members Tips: the coin out pays out for every receipt but it pays in cents so it takes longer to earn and reach the good payout amount. but with patience, it gives you a consistent payout.


Receipt Hog rewards you for every purchase you make that you share a receipt for. Whether you shop in-store and snap photos of your receipts, or shop online and connect via your email or loyalty account, Receipt Hog automatically turns everyday purchases into savings.

receipthog app rewards
Earn 100 points per week
ReceiptHog App rewards
ReciptHog Redeem Page
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Supports: Instore receipts, Amazon orders,Email receipts.
  • Min. Cashout: ReciptHog lets you cash out with $5 minimum amount (1000 points)
  • Modes of Payout: Amazon Giftcard,VISA card and Paypal cash.
  • Extra: they have slots machines which give additional points and sweepstake entries.

💡 Members Tips: To get the best value out of ReceiptHog, Wait till you get to the $30 level which provides the best value for your points.


ReceiptPal lets you earn valuable gift cards and win cash prizes, just for scanning and submitting your paper receipts and e-receipts

ReceiptPal App rewards
  • Difficulty: Moderate as their app crashes frequently
  • Supports: In-store receipts, Amazon Orders, e-Receipts.
  • Min. Cashout: ReciptHog lets you cash out with $5 minimum amount (2200 points)
  • Modes of Payout: Amazon Giftcard or Retail e-Gift Cards
  • Extra: you can scan your amazon prime orders and videos to earn extra cash

💡 Members Tips: It will provide 100 points per 4 valid receipts and allow 16 receipts per week, Simple but ReceiptHog is better.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a cashback and gift card earning apps that rewards you for the purchases you already make or the restaurants you dine 

Fetch rewards
  • Difficulty: Very Fast and Efficient.
  • Supports: In-store receipts, Amazon Orders,e-Receipts.
  • Min. Cashout: Fetch Rewards lets you cash out with $3 minimum amount (300 points)
  • Modes of Payout: Amazon Giftcard or Retail e-Gift Cards
  • Extra: They have bonus offers on the list of items they keep on the app every week.

💡 Members Tips: Fetch app take any receipt and gives points instantly, so it’s the fastest amongst all of them on the list. Also, their payout is faster compared to other apps. Check the bonus item offers before you go to a shop to earn extra rewards.

Amazon Shopper Panel

The Amazon Shopper Panel is an opt-in, invitation-only program where participants can earn monthly rewards by sharing receipts from purchases made outside of Amazon and answering surveys.

Amazon App Panel
Amazon shopper panel rewards
  • Difficulty: Very Fast just 10 receipts per month to earn $10 Amazon Gift Card.
  • Supports: In-store receipts, Amazon Orders ,e-Receipts.
  • Min. Cashout:Amazon shopper panel automates the payout with $10 giftcard every month.
  • Modes of Payout: Amazon Giftcard
  • Extra: you can not earn more than $10 per month with this app

💡 Members Tips: Earning rewards is easy. Simply upload 10 eligible receipts per month by using the Amazon Shopper Panel app to take pictures of paper receipts or by forwarding email receipts to receipts@panel.amazon.com. 

Who can join Amazon Shopper Panel?

The Amazon Shopper Panel is available to a limited number of Amazon customers in the US. If you received an invitation, download the app now. Interested customers who did not receive an invitation can download the app to join the waitlist and will be notified via email if space becomes available.

Other Receipts Scanning Apps Which Works in 2022

Although, the following apps don’t qualify which gives rewards for sure or in a faster manner. But, they also offer cashback rewards. They are very slow and specific for giving back rewards compared to the above apps.

  • Checkout51 : Checkout 51 is a Cash Back app that saves you tons of money on your favorite brands, groceries, and necessities. New fuel rewards offer smart drivers cash back on gas too! The Minimum cashout amount is $20.Cash out is via checks.
  • Coupons.com : Works on specific items like ibotta, Payout is via paypal per offer. No Minimum cashout amount.
  • Makeena : Best App for People who are buying Organic & healthy food items.The Minimum cashout amount is $20. You can cash out via Paypal or Venmo

These are the best Receipt scanning apps that actually work and gives rewards for your daily receipts, we will keep updating the list once we come out with valid apps which provide rewards.

Let us know in the comments if you know of any useful apps which are not on the list.