Costco has Logitech Precision Pro Wireless Mouse for $19.99 in Store ( 19.99 + 4.99 Shipping Online)

This is the best wireless multi-device mouse supporting Windows, ChromeOS, and macOS all in one. You can pair up to 3 devices and handle them all with a simple switching button.

the Costco’s Logitech version of this mouse is identical or exactly the same as Logitech M720 Triathlon. The Triathlon is comfortable and it has six programmable buttons and long battery life.

We have tested this mouse for the last 6 months with all platforms on multiple devices. and it has come up as a winner in every situation. with the Logitech options app you can seamlessly move the mouse from one device to another, even without touching the switch button.

You can also copy and paste contents between multiple devices using the Logitech M720 mouse.

Logitech Precision Pro for $19.99 at Costco

Review By Wirecutter: Best The Best Wireless Mouse in 2021

The Logitech precision pro can pair with, and quickly switch between, three devices via Bluetooth, and connect it via the included USB dongle. It has six buttons which you can customize using Logitech’s Options software. also, scroll wheel that toggles between ratcheted and smooth scrolling. And its single AA battery should last for two years, according to Logitech. But the Triathlon is contoured for right-handed mouse users—so it’s not ideal for lefties—and it doesn’t work on glass or mirrored surfaces.

The same version is available on Amazon as well for $29.99

If you are looking for a cheaper option consider Microsoft Bluetooth mouse deal for $11.99 for limited time