Beat the Inflation with Series I Bonds Interest 9.62% 

Inflation Effect

How inflation affects your money!

With current rate of 8.5% your money is loosing its value by 8.5% every year!

The Treasury created 30-year I savings Bonds in 1998 so that investors had a tool they could use to fight the inflation. Which is 8.5% right now.

What is Series I Bonds?

Series I Bonds Interest Rate

In May 2022, Interest rate of Series I bonds i revised to 9.62% Per Year.

In a calendar year, you can buy $10,000 worth of I bonds.

How much can you invest in Series I Bonds?


Does Series I Bonds Pay Monthly?

It Does, you only get access to those earnings once you cash out.


When can i cash out? 

You can cash out after 12 months. you loose last 3 months of interest if you cash out before 5 years.


Where can i buy I Bonds? 

You can buy them by creating an account at 


Why should you invest in I bonds?

Who should Avoid I bonds?

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