Updated (7/15/2021) Cashback from pei is now 10$ for signup. you can still follow the below steps to get your 10$ signup bonus from Pei App.

The Pei App allows you to shop with linked debit and/or credit cards and earn cashback rewards in the form of Bitcoin or USD. currently, they are offering a 20$ signup bonus for just installing the app and setting up your account.

for cashing out there are 2 ways: you can get the money out of a normal payout using PayPal (Min Limit $25) or you can cash out by getting Bitcoin with 8% more amount. ( as in you can buy $28 worth of BTC with your $20 bonus)

To reach the threshold of payout to 25$ is really very easy. you just have to Link your cards and do transitions on below stores: 7-Eleven, Macy’s, H&M, Walgreens, Target, and many more daily retailers.

For a Limited Time, Pei is offering 20$ Signup for DealShare Community.

Directions to get your $20 $10 signup bonus :

  • Download Pei App on your using this link on apple or android device
  • After install,sign up for a new account (Name,Email and Phone)
  • Under referral code Enter dealshareusnow (remove the default pei code as that will only give you $5 to signup)
  • Once you sigup you will see 2000 points Added to your account for joining through DealShareUs
  • You can instantly cash them out if you buy Bitcoins with 8% more discount
  • or Get 5$ more for your daily purchases and cash them out to Paypal once you reach $25.