You can get the latest generation of the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 for a great holiday price of $19.99. the best part, It comes with a great charging dock which acts as a wireless charging pad for your smart phone or smart devices.

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 Features

  • Play music, find information, manage your schedule, control your smart home, and more with the Lenovo Smart Clock 2nd Generation
  • Vibrant 4” touch screen showcases the time, weather, photos and even charges your personal wireless charging devices
  • Control other smart devices in your home and listen to music or podcasts on its front-firing 3W speakers.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your mobile, pc, or other google enabled device

Tech Specs

  • Processor : MediaTek™ MT8167S Processor (1.50 GHz)
  • Operating System : Andriod 10
  • Memory : 1 GB
  • Storage : 8 GB Flash
  • Display : 4.0″ LCD IPS Touchscreen
  • Warranty : One year

What can you do with a Lenovo Smart Clock 2?

You can use it as a Daily assistant on your nightstand. Essentially, it’s a cheaper alternative to Google’s Nest Hub. Lenovo Smart Clock 2 organizes your day with reminders and alarms. Ask questions, check on traffic and weather, listen to news briefings, and more—all from the comfort of your bedroom.You can Control up to 50,000 compatible devices with your voice or touch. And because you can toggle the mute button and the clock doesn’t have a camera, your privacy is assured.

You can also use the Lenovo Smart Clock as a digi/tal photo frame in the day tie. The vibrant 4” touch screen on the Smart Clock 2 showcases the time, weather, and even your family photos with Google Photos on a choice of customizable clock face displays. The fabric exterior is available in three color options letting it blend perfectly in with any decor.

It also acts as a wireless charging dock for your smart phone. Dock your Smart Clock and let its wireless charging dock deliver a fast charge to your phone while you sleep. Keep your nightstand clutter-free. If you have a second device, use the dock’s USB-A port to charge it simultaneously.

If your smart home is designed for Amazon Alexa and you are looking for an alternative, You can get Lenovo Smart Clock Essential with Alexa Built-in – Clay Red for $19.99 on sale right now.

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